Honour May ABDL Pee Diaper Embarrassment

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May ABDL Pee Diaper Embarrassment

In this clip: embarrassment, young, denial, wet, humiliation, pee

Honour is sitting on the sofa wearing black leggings and a diaper underneath. She has an amazed look on her face as she picks up the remote and turns off the TV, she shakes her head: “So...wait? I’m not the only one? Even Katy Perry wears diapers? Is it just woman or men too?” She looks down at her groin with a shocked expression “How do I need to pee again? I can’t have anything left”. She shakes her head as she suddenly felt the urge become greater and she places her hands between her legs. Honour stands up quickly removing her hands about to walk away when she stops suddenly and shakes her head. “Wait, I can’t get into the toilet because of that stupid lock”. She sighs and looks around with a confused look on her face “I don’t want to wet myself again but what else can I do?” she complains as she begins to lift her feet up off the ground. Honour pulls down her pants and stares down at the diaper. She shouts “No not again, I hate this!” She begins to wet the diaper (implied!) She stands frozen with her eyes closed as she continues to pee into her diaper . She slowly opens her eyes and then looks off screen and jumps “Mum, when did you get home?”