Agents Pack Refurbishment by Guillotine - April O'Moore

A clip starring April O'Moore

April O'Moore in Agents Pack Refurbishment by Guillotine - April O'Moore

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, peril, desperation, dirty talk, secretary/business, punishment, denial, brunette, rejection, sexy/provocative, sensual, annoyed, flashing

Sexy agent April is led into the room by his executioner friend. They have been working in the same organization for years and now she can't believe he's going to execute her. This is because the organization decided to refurbish the secret agents pack, letting new agents in, so the old ones have to go... But they know top secret information, so they can't just be let go: their heads have to be cut off in order to preserve secrets.

The headsman keeps trying to make her understand that he has no decision powers, he needs to execute the orders, there is nothing personal and he is sad to execute his friend April... But April is quite upset and treats him as one of the responsible in her situation.

Soon she'll have to accept this, so she is strapped to the guillotine. Her high heel shoes get taken off as a sign that she lost her position in the organization; after some tension, a new order allows her to be spared last minute.