Cute Alicia Meets Arnold

A clip starring Alicia

Alicia in Cute Alicia Meets Arnold

In this clip: belly, bellybutton, bondage, peril, desperation, eating, young, brunette, big tits, rejection, tits, naive

A clearly disturbed nerd receives an unexpected visit: a cute girl, all friendly and a bit pushy, helps herself into his house. He doesn't know her but she seems to know him already: it turns out she has been sent by his mother, who is worried about her son who is strange, too skinny, unable to find a girlfriend. Alicia has probably been paid, and she is supposed to become at least friend with the geek. her manners keep being really friendly and nice, but also intrusive. The nerd guy is also growing upset as he wishes his mother would stop worrying about him and taking decisions on his behalf. He believes he should do something to stop this, at some point. However, Alicia seems to have settled in and he has no options: they decide to cook a meal together, he will do a nice recipe he knows from his favourite book. He takes a large tray, a lot of random vegetables which look quite wrinkly and out of date. Alicia is secretly astonished but tries to keep a nice face and keep humoring him. She helps laying down the greens and gets even more surprised when the geek comes back with some ropes. She tries to keep being nice, but when the nerd gets a bit too close holding an apple, she freaks out a bit... Too late, as the poor girl gets apple gagged and tied up with ropes by the mad nerd! The scene fades back in showing poor Alicia laid down on the tray, apple gagged, her hands and feet tied down with rope. She is scared and tries to protest, as the nerd oils her breasts and belly up, talking all creepy and mad. Poor innocent Alicia is in a real bad situation but this is a lesson to the nerd's mother: stop sending me unwanted girls!