Brook Logan Anal JOI and POV Sex

A clip starring Brook Logan

Brook Logan in Brook Logan Anal JOI and POV Sex

In this clip: genitals, ass, masturbation, dirty talk, lingerie/underwear, tease, POV, horny, brunette, JOI, details/closeups, anal

Brook teases you with dance and play, and asks you to rub her legs and to put your hand up her skirt, and rub her thighs, panties and arse. JOI. She is using a squirting dildo, to play around with it: she rubs it (you) over her telling you to cum on her skirt. The squirting dildo (you) cums on front and back of skirt. She realizes you have never done anal and her arsehole drives you crazy, so lots of JOI anal talk and tease, and she says things like "slide your cock deep into my arsehole, and cum in her arse and inside her "cum in my arse" etc. Lots of sexy positions, dances, teases and JOI talk. The clip ends with a POV of normal sex asking you to slide my cock into her pussy and "cum in my pussy".