Anklets Tease With Bondage and Tickling - Honour May

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Anklets Tease With Bondage and Tickling - Honour May

In this clip: legs, feet, toes, bondage, desperation, tease, tickling, passive/submissive, sensual

Honour walks in with anklets on both feet and toe rings on both her second toes. She teases for a few minutes: walking around, walking to and away from the camera, sometimes tip-toeing, jingling the anklets, sitting on a chair and showing her soles etc. Then we see her tied to a chair, still wearing the costume and the anklets and toe rings. The first minute or so she could just try to get away from the bondage. Then we see some tickling from behind the chair at her lower waist, sides, hips, groin and inner upper thighs. You could tickle her from in front too but mostly from behind. It'd be great if you could squeeze her sides and groin and tickle the hell out of her and not just use finger tips. Literally exhaust her with a brief but intense tickling.