A Good Arm Wrestling Day

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Honour May

Chloe Toy, Honour May in A Good Arm Wrestling Day

In this clip: arms, playful/giggling, blonde, strength, fitness/training

Honour and Chloe are good friends who live together and they both are at home in their apartment. Honour sits down at the table (on the left side) while Chloe is in the bathroom or in front of any other mirror. Honour is studying for an exam and is reading a book/document. Honour puts her hand on her forehead to put herself in a convenient position. After a few seconds in that position she notices that her biceps is bulging when she is in that position. Honour looks at her own biceps, kind of admiring it and then does a full flex of both arms, looking at her biceps proudly. After that she continues to study. Meanwhile, Chloe is in the bathroom (or in front of any other mirror -basically the “mirror” could also be the cam) and she makes herself a ponytail. When Chloe does the ponytail, she notices that her biceps is bulging. She starts to look at it and starts to flex, kind of admiring her arms and looking into the mirror proudly. Chloe enters the room and joins Honour at the table. After a quick chat she sits down at the right side and starts to read a magazine. After some time Honour puts her hand on her forehead again which makes her biceps bulge once more. After some time Chloe notices Honours muscles and quickly touches the bulging biceps, asking if she has been working out recently. Honour says yes, flexes her biceps and asks Chloe about her workout. Chloe answers that she has been working on her arms too and that she thinks its already showing. Honour asks Chloe to flex and touches Chloes biceps, making compliments on her muscles. Chloe says she is wondering, who got the bigger biceps and they compare their arms right after. But then Honour says she has to study and ends the conversation. She starts to read the book again. They still sit at the table, camera angle has not changed. After some time Honour stops studying and says something like: “I need a break, can’t concentrate anymore”. She starts a conversation with Chloe and asks her what she has been up to recently. Chloe tells her that there is a new manicurist in town that did her nails recently and they never were better. Honour asks her to let her see her nails and Chloe, with her elbow on the table shows Honour her right hand. Honour (with her elbow on the table too) touches Chloes hand and holds it, to look at the nails. As Honour holds Chloes hand she suddenly doesn’t look at Chloes hand any more, she starts looking at Chloes face in a slightly competitive way. They stop talking and just look at each other. Without saying a word they kinda know, that this is the moment that starts an armwrestling battle between them. What happens next is that the position of their hands (which at the moment is still Honour holding Chloes hand to look at her nails) slowly starts to change into an armwrestling position. They should be evenly matched for about 10-15 seconds and stay in the middle and then Honour says something like: “what are we doing here, I need to continue studying?”. Chloe answers: “oh you are right, let’s stop this.” After stopping the armwrestle Chloe wants to take a look at Honours notes to get an idea what she has to study about. So she stands up and walks over to Honour. They swap positions. Chloe now is on the left side of the screen (sitting at the table), Honour sits down on the right. Chloe looks at the notes but Honour interrupts that by getting back to the fingernails topic and showing hers to Chloe. After some time they can’t resist again and slowly their position changes to armwrestling again. So basically the same thing as I mentioned above, just with swapped positions. The arm (righty) should stay the same as in the first match. This time Chloe wins the match after some time. Honour instantly asks for a rematch with the left hand, which they do. This time Honour wins. After the match they compare their biceps and talk about the result. After some talking Honour suggests to do another match now. They start righty and Honour wins after some time. After it they switch to lefty and after a hard struggle Chloe wins lefty this time. During these 2 matches, they constantly check out each others biceps and seem to really like what they see, when the muscles are bulging. They even touch each others biceps to check how hard they are during the match. After the scripted matches they should do one last match righty, but this time for real.