Charley Atwell balloons FAIL blooper

A clip starring Charley Atwell

Charley Atwell in Charley Atwell balloons FAIL blooper

In this clip: ass, desperation, schoolgirl, balloons, crushing, brunette, big tits, bloopers

Everything had started fabulous: Charley was on the bed with a set of balloons ready to be popped, and she started acting naughty in her schoolgirl outfit, when an alarm started to disturb us. Then, the light failed and we found ourselves in the dark... But I managed to restore the lamp, and we were ready to restart, when Charley realized she has a phobia of popping balloons! She was so scared that they may pop that we had to about the clip, but this clips is funny and sexy anyway, so it was a pity to simply trash it :)