Best Friend's Mom CindyR Entrances and Foot Humilates Guy

A clip starring Cindy R

Cindy R in Best Friend's Mom CindyR Entrances and Foot Humilates Guy

In this clip: feet, toes, trance/hypnosis, mature/older, secretary/business, mental domination, domination, humiliation, brunette, foot worship, sensual, dominant/leading

You have been a bad company for your best friend, as you're not a good student for sure and you like to stay up late and party. You come to visit your friend but he's not home yet; his mother opens the door, and that's a good chance for her to have a talk. You both sit on the couch and she begins lecturing you about how inappropriate your behaviour is for her son. You look quite bored. At some point she starts entrancing you with her voice and/or hands. Then she grabs your head and literally sucks your soul out. When you're completely zombified she removes her shoes and puts her bare feet on your face. There is no reaction from you until she starts to order you to do something. She rubs and moves her soft soles on your face, and you can just worship, lick suck and obey to her orders. When she has enough, she wakes you up and of course you don't remember anything, and you don't want to see your best friend ever again, for reasons you can't understand.