Bethany's Bad Day - Part 2

A clip starring Bethany

Bethany in Bethany's Bad Day - Part 2

In this clip: embarrassment, young, POV, domination, brunette, rejection, tits, stripping, annoyed

From now on, this series is all shot POV from your point of view (the dodgy photographer). Bethany enters the photo studio. You two exchange some welcoming words and then the shooting starts. She poses in front of the camera and after a while she is asked to open some buttons of the shirt at the collar. After a little more posing she is asked to try on a different outfit. She asks where she can change the clothes and you tell her to do it right here. Hesitantly, she grabs her boobs and tells that she doesn't wear a bra today and she doesn't want you to see her boobs. You tell her that you won’t look and then she undresses in a shy way trying to cover her boobs with her hands. When she is naked, she gives her clothes to you and asks for the new outfit. But there is no new outfit and she won’t get back her old clothes. You tell her that she now has to do whatever you want or otherwise you would post some photos of this shooting on her social media. And the first thing that she has to do is to knee on the ground in slave position