Bethany's Bad Day - Part 3

A clip starring Bethany

Bethany in Bethany's Bad Day - Part 3

In this clip: embarrassment, young, POV, domination, brunette, rejection, tits, annoyed

This clips starts with Bethany in slave position continuing from the previous clip. In that position, she is asked to change her hair from pigtails to a high ponytail. After she has done that, she is asked to present her tits with her hands, pushing them together from the sides with both hands. Then you throw a lingerie set to her. She is shy and doesn’t want take it on but after while she slowly puts the lingerie on. Then she goes back into slave position and is asked to try on some nipple clamps. First you give her the one with the connecting chain and she puts it on. Then you take the middle of the chain in your fingers, move it up (as a signal for her to stand up) and guide her a few steps around by softly pulling on the the chain. Finally you use the chain again to guide her again into slave position. Then you give her the other clamps, she puts these on. Then you give her some other clothes, a plain white shirt, a black skirt and heels. She again takes the clothes on in a shy way and poses a little in front of the camera. Finally, she is asked to get back to slave position. Then you tell her that you have to leave and she is not allowed to move until you are back.