Bethany's Bad Day - Part 4

A clip starring Bethany

Bethany in Bethany's Bad Day - Part 4

In this clip: embarrassment, young, POV, domination, brunette, rejection, tits, stripping, annoyed

The clip begins with Bethany alone in the room continuing from the previous clip. Because she thinks that she is alone in the room, she takes the opportunity to remove the nipple clamps and tries to find a way out of the room. Then she hears some noise behind the door and quickly goes back to the slave position and tries to put on the nipple clamps again but the time is too short, so she can only put on one clamp and hides the other one. Then you enter the room asking her to stand up because she must join to support you at work. So you give her glasses and ask her to wear them, what she then does. But before you two leave for work, you ask her to show again if the nipple clamps are still applied. She opens her shirt and you realize that only one clamp is applied. You are angry and tell her to take the shirt and nipple clamp off. Then you give her a transparent lace blouse so that you can better verify that she won’t take the nipple clamps off during work. She takes the blouse on and poses a little in front of the camera (the blouse should again be tucked into the skirt). Then you give her the clamps with the bells and ask her to put them on. Then she opens some buttons to apply the clamps. Then you ask her to shake her boobs so that the bells ring a little. After this, she closes the blouse and poses again a little in front of the camera. Then you both (or only she) leave the scene.