Bethany's Bad Day - Part 5

A clip starring Bethany

Bethany in Bethany's Bad Day - Part 5

In this clip: embarrassment, young, POV, domination, brunette, rejection, tits, annoyed

This last clip begins with her entering the room again after work in the same outfit in which she left the room before. Then she positions in front of the camera and you first take off the glasses and then order her to undress until she is topless. Then you bring her to a room with a bed without a blanket and lock her in. She is now alone in that room and recognizes her white dotted shirt on the bed. She sits down on the bed. Then she takes off the nipple clamps and pulls and massages her nipples a little because they hurt due to the clamps. After that she puts on the shirt with all buttons closed, lays down on the bed and falls asleep. During the night you enter the room again to check if she is still wearing the clamps. She is still asleep. You silently open her shirt and recognize that she doesn’t wear them. So you put them again on and button her shirt again all the way up to the collar. In the next scene she is waking up the next morning. She feels pain on her nipples so she touches her boobs and realizes that she again has the clamps on. She begins to unbutton the blouse but manage only a few buttons until you enter the room. So she does not have time to remove the clamps. You then tell her to do a morning workout. The video ends with her doing some squats for workout.