Lonely Birthday Roast

A clip starring Faye Taylor, Honour May

Faye Taylor, Honour May in Lonely Birthday Roast

In this clip: hands, ass, legs, feet, toes, vore, surreal, willing, eating, wet, playful/giggling, blonde, brunette, bikini/beachwear

It's Faye's birthday she had arranged a party but none of her friends could make it. She walks into the room, looking glum. Her friends have sent her a present. In the middle of the room there is a box with a happy birthday sign on it. Opening the box, or removing the sheet there is honour dressed in a tiny bikini with a note around her neck. The note reads, happy birthday, We didn't send you a birthday cake, we sent you a birthday girl instead for you to eat. We hope you like her. Save us a slice. Faye then checks out Honour's body very excited, Honour is silent at this stage, but smiling. Faye pats her bottom and says this is a great gift. Time to get her prepared. On the table, Faye shouts out looks of ideas, i.e covered in chocolate, icing, slow roasted. Honour helps by suggesting ideas. She decides to oil her up. She starts to oil honour up, with Honour telling her not to miss parts, both front and and back. Faye asks honour lots of questions about which shop she is from, what is it like being a birthday present, Honour is so thrilled that she will be eaten by Faye. Honour is not tied, this will mean a lot of flexibility for the oiling. At some point she asks Honour if she can have a taste. Honour says she is her present, so she has a little nibble of her toes; Honour says her fingers are tasty so she licks those. Then proceeds to taste lots of different parts. Faye then says she'll have a toe, then a bit more then a bit more etc.. The camera goes pov slowly going up Honour's body, starting with her on her front, Faye's turns her over after her bum... Then eats her all up. Final scene, fades back in. Faye is sat there looking full and very guilty about not saving some for her friends but she just couldn't stop... Wiping her mouth and body with the bikini top and bottom. Saying she hopes she gets another one next birthday. She gathers up all the wrappings and clothes, ribbons and put them in the bin with the camera ending with a shot of them in the bin