Blackmail Backfires - Schoolgirl Honour May

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Blackmail Backfires - Schoolgirl Honour May

In this clip: legs, trance/hypnosis, blowjob, dirty talk, young, schoolgirl, family affairs, mental domination, POV, nylon/stockings, playful/giggling, horny, brunette, rejection, blackmail, submission/slavery, passive/submissive, sensual, rubbing, age play

A posh schoolgirl comes in from school and sits on a sofa. Have some nice bending over and stretching if possible. She’s talking to her friend saying that her stepdad won’t give her the money to go on holiday. Her friend suggests blackmailing him which she thinks is a good idea. She sits with her legs very high crossed. She turns on the television. Her stepdad has left a dvd in which is showing 2 schoolgirls slowly kissing and fondling each other (implied, TV is not shown). She then realises that the two girls used to go to her school! She thought they were a bit slutty but can’t believe they’d do this. Honour starts thinking that if she can film her stepdad doing this to her she can blackmail him! However, the video is getting her excited... Suddenly her stepdad (POV camera) bursts in on her furious that she is fondling herself. Honour turns off the tv and pleads with big sad eyes not to shout at her. Seductively rubbing and high crossing her legs she should whimper softly and plead with her stepdad not to be treated as the girls in the video. She pretends to be frightened and reluctant and sits on the edge of the sofa with her legs high crossed. She slowly kneels on the floor and begs him. Her stepdad realises that shes seen his video and she needs to be taken care of. He holds out a bottle full of some kind of dazing liquid and makes her drink from it while still on her knees. It’s horrible but Honour sucks some more down like in the video. Lots of protesting and pleading while she is made to drink the formula. Suddenly she starts getting woozy for real. She is dazed but complies when stepdad orders the groggy girl to sit back on the edge of the sofa with her legs tightly high crossed. He wants her to squeeze and rub her thighs together so she starts to cum. Confused Honour doesn’t want to do this and sleepily moans and groans as the drug hits her. He forces her to drink more and more of the liquid or he'll punish her! Lots of begging gulping and sad drugged eyes. Honour is starting to think shes in over her head. Her stepdad threatens her again and the liquid starts to make her feel woozy. Honour tries to talk about kissing other girls thinking this might give her control back but she’s soon gulping down more of the liquid. After she is nice and dazed he gets her to sit back up on the sofa and holds a watch over her head so she has to look up at it which slowly starts to weaken her will and she slowly gets sleepier and sleepier moaning and mmmming with lots of close-ups of rolling eyes and soft moans. He then takes his cock out and starts to pump her mouth with it as if it’s the bottle of liquid - She should just be able to grunt softly and sleepily roll her dazed eyes and takes it submissively starting to get lost in the watch. In the end, after having taken lots of liquid, his cock in her mouth twice and having been entranced by the watch multiple times, Honour remains on her knees completely empty, dazed, and unable to realize who she is.