Linda's Body Possession Obsession

A clip starring Linda

Linda in Linda's Body Possession Obsession

In this clip: evil, tease, gym/training, stretching, stripping, sensual, fitness/training, magic

After returning from a lunch date she had with a friend, Linda is unknowingly possessed by the spirit of a stalker that noticed her a lunch. Causing her to spasm and convulse before he takes control. When she comes to , she has an evil grin and off a little chuckle. He then gets up and goes through her purse,, checking her ID and credit cards seeing who’s body he’s actually inhabiting. He then realizes she was about to workout judging by the outfit she had laid out on the bed, noticing how in shape his body is, he decides to have a little fun putting on the out fit in a none explicit manner and doing some some workouts and admiring his new figure. Once he’s done, he picks her phone and dials one of his friends and tells him “to get ready to have the time of his life”(or something like that before heading to the bathroom get changed (laughing evily). That’ll be when it fades to black and the video ends.