KylieK Afterparty Foot Worship in a Hogtie

A clip starring Terri Lou

Terri Lou in KylieK Afterparty Foot Worship in a Hogtie

In this clip: feet, bondage, groping, brunette, big tits, foot worship, rejection, hogtie, passive/submissive, annoyed

KylieK comes back home with her work mate; they have been at a company party, drank a lot, and now they can barely stand. They have¬ one more drink, and that's when the guy starts to discuss about bondage, and they¬ say they could try something about it. The scene fades away and jumps forward to the following morning. The guy wakes up in a hungover, upside down on the bed. In front of his face, two sexy tied up bare feet. He wakes up slowly, without understanding much of what's going on, and still groggy he kisses and worships these unknown feet. As he gets more aware of the situation, he understands it's his friend Kyliek, naked, hogtied and gagged and blindfolded with her own stockings. She has been hogtied like that all night long but he doesn't remember anything. At first he goes on groping and worshipping these gorgeous feet of hers, then he thinks it's best to¬ set her free and apologize, but when he takes the blindfold and gag off she¬ sounds quite upset and angry, and says she will call the police. he doesn't know what to so, so instead of untying her he decides to put the gag back on and continue worshipping her tied feet...