Storm Bondage Hogtie Bed Assault

A clip starring Storm

Storm in Storm Bondage Hogtie Bed Assault

In this clip: hands, feet, bondage, peril, sleeping/limp, lingerie/underwear, night/deshabille, brunette, foot worship, rejection, hogtie, passive/submissive, blindfolded

Storm is ready to go take a nap in her bed. She has a short telephone call and tells her boyfriend, that she is very tired and she will sleep very early this evening. She lays down to sleeps. We see Storm’s face (She is lying on her stomach). She is sleeping. The intruder is at the foot of the bed. Carefully he lifts the blanket to find Storm’s bare feet. The intruder touches and gropes Storm’s bare feet. She will be disturbed very soon and awakes. We see Storm kneeling in an upright position. Her hands are tied on her back and her feet are tied crossed together Her hands are tied in a palm-out tying. She is gagged with tapes. She is blindfolded. She is still in her pajama. Storm don't like it a moans through her gag. She is unable to move in this upright kneeling position. We see Storm lying on her bed. She has lost her pajama and she is in her underwear. She is tied up in a very close hogtie. Her feet are tied crossed and bound very near to her hands on her back. Her hands are tied in a palm-out tying. She is blindfolded. Mick pays now more attention to lick and suck Storm's feet very passionate. Mick decides to make and end and chloroforms Storm and leaves her. The camera walks over Storm's body.