Business Lady Fiona Hogtied And Foot Groped

A clip starring Fiona

Fiona in Business Lady Fiona Hogtied And Foot Groped

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, peril, desperation, secretary/business, brunette, rejection, hogtie

An intruder had entered Fiona's apartment. He looks for cash and jewellry. Fiona enters the room. She comes from her office and she wears business clothes and heels. The intruder hides himself and watches Fiona from his hiding place. Fiona takes of her shoes massages a bit her aching feet. Suddenly she hears a noise. She stands up, looks for the noise and discovers the intruder. She cries: "What are you doing here in my house" and "I'll call the police" But trying to get her telphone she will be assaulted (implied). We see Fiona in her lingerie and she is kneeling upright. She is bound in a hogtie-like position. Her her feet are tied parallel. Fiona speaks to him and her voice is very determined. She has no fear. She tries to convince him to let her out. "Please be not foolish and let me out". He asks her : "where is you money?" She says "I have only some pounds in my wallet, that's all, take it and untie me and go!" The intruder takes these some pounds. Then he decided to stay. He takes her bra and reveals her breasts. She protests loudly and very indignant. The intruder has decided to tie Fiona in a hogtie. She is now gagged with a ball-gag and very anxious and desperate. Her hands are tightly bound on her back and her ankles are tied together parallel and very close to her ass . Her toes are tied together with zip-ties. She moans desperately and loud through her gag. She turns around on her sides and then on her back and returns lying on her stomach. The intruder gropes her tied feet.