Housewife Bethany Tied Up and Foot Worshipped

A clip starring Bethany

Bethany in Housewife Bethany Tied Up and Foot Worshipped

In this clip: feet, bondage, peril, brunette, foot worship, rejection, hogtie

Housewife Bethany is cleaning the kitchen when she hears a noise... She takes a few step just to see what it is, and she is assaulted by a creep. Scene fades back in showing Bethany in underwear, tied up kneeling on a chair, gagged and struggling in the bondage. After a few minutes the creep comes in and begins groping and kissing her fabulous soles. She protests but there is no escape, there is not much she can do. The creep goes on worshipping her feet for a few minutes. In the last part, the chair has fallen, maybe because of the struggling, and now Bethany lies on her belly,¬ still bound in a hogtie position. Her delicious soles are up¬ and available, squirming. The creep comes back in and goes on enjoying them as Bethany protests though the gag...