Captured Ivy Rain Bondage Foot Fuck

A clip starring Ivy Rain

Ivy Rain in Captured Ivy Rain Bondage Foot Fuck

In this clip: feet, bondage, peril, desperation, masturbation, groping, footjob, young, casual/ordinary, POV, Fixed camera, brunette, foot worship, choking

Ivy has been captured. She wakes up tied up on a bed with her hands behind her back and her ankles tied. Her mouth is gagged with grey duct tape and a cloth is tied over her eyes. She struggles and cries for help. The creep returns. He removes the blindfold and strokes her face, telling her to be a good little girl. He rolls her on her back and lifts her feet up, removing her socks. He kisses her feet and rubs his dick on them while she looks up at him.