Roswell Foot Groped in Bondage

A clip starring Roswell

Roswell in Roswell Foot Groped in Bondage

In this clip: feet, bondage, peril, redhead, rejection

Wife Roswell gets a call from her husband; he will be late again, as he has another late night at the office. She doesn't mind, as she's proud of him and his career. She reassures him and closes the call. She goes on working at the pc. Suddenly someone sneaks behind her, and the scene fades out. Video fades back in showing camera footage of Roswell tied up, asking her husband to pay the ransom. The video ends abruptly. Then we see Roswell tied up laying on a bed; she struggles in the bondage. The creep is there and starts groping her feet; she is literally disgusted, but there is little she can do.