Anastasia Foot Worshipped in Tape Bondage

A clip starring Anastasia Lux

Anastasia Lux in Anastasia Foot Worshipped in Tape Bondage

In this clip: feet, bondage, peril, brunette, big tits, foot worship, rejection

One evening a burglar sneaks into Anastasia's house, whose husband is out for work. She gets assaulted and tied up and gagged in bondage (off camera). Video fades back in showing Anastasia laying on a bed, terrified, tied up and gagged. After having had a look at the flat, the burglar, wants to have a look at her feet, so he starts groping and worshipping her soles. She protests, but there's little she can do. However, her noises annoy him, and he decides to add some tape over her nose and gag; then he goes back to her feet and restarts licking.