Olive Foot Worshiped in Bondage

A clip starring Olive Glass

Olive Glass in Olive Foot Worshiped in Bondage

In this clip: ass, legs, feet, bondage, sleeping/limp, anger, desperation, groping, lingerie/underwear, denial, brunette, foot worship, hogtie

An intruder had entered Olive's apartment, looking for cash. Olive enters the room. She comes from her office and she wears business clothes and heels. The intruder hides himself and watches Olive from his hiding place. Olive takes of her shoes massages a bit her aching feet. Suddenly she hears a noise. She stands up, looks for the noise and discovers the intruder. Scene fades out into an implied attack. Scene fades back in showing Olive limp and passed out, in her underwear as her body has been stripped. The intruder throws some ropes on the bed but first plays a bit with the limp body of his still sleepy victim. Then he ties her wrist on her back and ties her feet. When he begins to grope her tied bare feet, she awakes. She speaks to him and her voice is very determined. She has no fear. She tries to convince him to let her out. "Please be not foolish and let me out" He asks her : "where is you money! She says "I have only some pounds in my wallet, that's all, take it and untie me and go!" The intruder takes these some pounds. Then he decided to stay. He ignores her shouting and gags her with tapes. He plays a bit with her feet, he caresses and licks them. He ties her big toes together with a ziptie. She struggles against it and moans very load and angry in her gag. She moans angry and loud through her gag and she cannot do anything against the licking. The intruder pulls down her bra and and reveals her breasts and he pulls down her slip. Good view on her ass. Scene fades back in showing Olive tied up in a hogtie on her stomach. Her hands are tightly bound on her back and her ankles are tied together parallel and very close. She moans angry and loud through her gag The intruder caresses her tied feet, licks her soles and sucks her toes a short time Then he decides to make an end by putting Olive back to sleep. We see Olive and especially her feet struggling against him but in vain. He plays a bit with the still tied body and then leaves the scene. Camera pans on her body follow.