Ball Bagged Lauren Hand Fetish in Bondage #2

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Ball Bagged Lauren Hand Fetish in Bondage #2

In this clip: hands, bondage, young, POV, playful/giggling, brunette, sexy/provocative, sensual, gagging, details/closeups

This clip focuses on hands (palms, fingers and professionally done red manicure) in a specific position while struggling in bondage (which unfortunately is not very well done). The focus is also on some gagging/drooling elements, as Lauren is gagged with a ball wrapped in a nylon tied around her head. Lauren is hanging around at your kitchen bar table reading a magazine. The camera represents her boyfriend. After a while she asks the camera if they should play some tie-up games. First, she fetches ropes, a ball gag and a nylon strip from a drawer (close-up) and creates (also close-up) the modified ball gag you used last time. Then she sits on the kitchen bar table, smiles to the camera and crosses her hands behind her back, holding ropes and gag. The camera zooms to her hands until they are shown in a big close-up. She tells the camera to go ahead. The scene fades back in showing Lauren sitting on the kitchen bar table. Her feet are tied crossed. She has her wrists tied crossed behind her back, and the wrists are also tied to the waist, She struggles and moans in that position for around 9 minutes. Afer a cut at the end of the scene, her gag is removed (off-screen). She smiles to the camera, says it was fun, and she’d like to try another position...