Nurse Lavinia Foot Worship in Tape Bondage

A clip starring Lavinia

Lavinia in Nurse Lavinia Foot Worship in Tape Bondage

In this clip: feet, toes, bondage, peril, sleeping/limp, brunette, foot worship, passive/submissive, annoyed, medical/clinic

Nurse Lavinia has to deal with one last patient for the day, so she tells her partner in work that he can go home, she will do the job. Alone in the area, she enters the patient's room but doesn't see him. She is assaulted (implied). Scene fades back in showing the mentally deranged patient finishing tying her up. His plan is to steal her medical coat, badge and stethoscope so he can escape the hospital, as he doesn't like it. Before leaving, he plays a bit with her feet, as she likes them so much...