Bondage Lesbian Tragedy

A clip starring Electric, Rascal

Electric, Rascal in Bondage Lesbian Tragedy

In this clip: feet, bondage, peril, desperation, playful/giggling, foot worship, rejection, lesbian, hogtie, sensual, costumes/fantasy

Real lesbian partners Electric and Rascal are in their bedroom, excited. They want to play naughty, and decide to do the bondage game: Rascal takes some bondage tape out and ties up Electric in an amateurish hogtie. At that point she starts playing with her pussy, licking her feet and body, worshipping her feet intensely while masturbating her with one hand, pleasing her until it's time to swap. Rascal unties Electric, and gets ready to take her place; she gets tied up but laying face down, not in a hogtie; Electric is more gentle, and spends her time worshipping Rascal's hot feet while her partner moans in pleasure... But these moaning suddenly turn into a scream when Rascal makes eye contact with a creep who is in the house! But she's tied up and gagged, there's little she can do to warn her partner who is busy worshipping her feet, and when Electric realizes it's too late! The scene fades back in showing the two girls gagged and tied up together in a very messy way, one's face tied against the other's feet and vice versa. The creep spends some time looking at their hot bodies and terrified eyes,