April Hogtied, Foot Worshipped and Humiliated by Her Lover

A clip starring April O'Moore

April O'Moore in April Hogtied, Foot Worshipped and Humiliated by Her Lover

In this clip: feet, toes, bondage, embarrassment, nylon/stockings, brunette, foot worship, rejection, sexy/provocative, forced/abusive, hogtie, passive/submissive, annoyed

April comes in and lays on the bed; she is free all day and talks to her lover (POV camera) asking what he would like to do to spend a hot day with her. Without replying, he tosses a roll of tape next to her, as to say that he wants to tie her up. In a naughty way she says yes. April gets tied with tape in a hogtie, and her lover takes off her shoes and begins worshipping her nylon clad feet. She moans in pleasure. After some time, he asks her to add a tape gag, which she accepts. Then he wants to tear off her pantyhose, in order to expose and worship her bare feet... At first she is not happy about it, but then she agrees and lets him do it. He starts worshipping her bare feet with high excitement. Once again, after a while he has a new request: he wants to video her while she's tied up like that. She soundly disagrees, but he sounds determined to do it, and there is not much she can do in that position. When he turns on the camera she squirms, embarrassed, try to hide herself, but she actually cannot move! He goes on filming for some time, then leaves, without untying her, so she remains struggling in the bondage, extremely humiliated and disappointed...