Secretary Alicia Tied Up and Sold as a Slave

A clip starring Alicia

Alicia in Secretary Alicia Tied Up and Sold as a Slave

In this clip: ass, legs, feet, bondage, embarrassment, young, secretary/business, POV, domination, humiliation, brunette, rejection, tits, striptease, stripping, hogtie, submission/slavery, ENF

Setting Alicia is having a meeting with one of their clients (POV). She is a successful lawyer who is partner in one do the best firms in London. She is have recently been working for wealthy criminals reading through their contracts and keeping them out of prison. What her criminal clients don't know is that she had been pocketing more than the agreed percentage without their knowledge. The client (Mr C) has lost $10million on a business deal that Amy read over and signed through. He also knows that she have been pocketing some of his money. What Alicia doesn't know is that Mr C runs one of the biggest property empires in the world. And with that he has connections all over the world. With good people and not so good people.

Start (Alicia speaking to the Camera who is Mr C's Assistant, POV) After a brief chat about the lost $10m and hiding more money and future investments, the assistant lets Alicia know that he knows about her dirty dealings in pocketing his clients money. He hands over a not to her and she reads it out loud: "I can reveal that I have copies of all your illegal activities over the last three years. Copies that if fell into the wrong hands could end your career and lock you up for a very long time. In saying that, I am willing to compromise. I have three offers for you to consider. You will get a reduced jail term from 40 years to 30 years and make Mr C a 50% shareholder in your law firm. You can decline this offer and decide to fight this in court. Even though as you know Mr C controls most of judges and prosecutors in the city so you will both get 40 years guaranteed in jail. (I advise you to take this third offer) Make Mr C the majority Shareholder in all your law firm and you won't go to jail... Instead you will be enrolled into our slave trading auction to pay off your debts. Minimum term will have to serve will be 5 years. I have already had interested parties contact him for you. Remember, you will be doing this to pay off the millions you owe. After being sold you'll be tied up to be shipped out immediately" Alicia looks at Mr C's assistant (pov) in shock and after a brief discussion with herself going through the options she decides to take the third offer. She's told to perform a sexy strip tease which will be aired to potential suitors.

Next scene Alicia dances and performs a sexy strip tease. She is wearing a hot secretary outfit wearing either a tight skirt or trousers (with the camera zooming in when she's taking off her bra and skirt/trousers). After stripping down to her thong she's told that her auction is finished and that she has been sold will be sent to central Africa. She's then asked to lay down on the floor in a hogtie position. Camera zooms in on her on the floor as she looks at the camera submissively before looking down pressing her nose to the floor.
Next scene Alicia is hogtied and sporting a gag(cleave/ball). The camera flows over her for 30 seconds. It then cuts to a close up of Alicia still in a hogtie without the gag composing her herself before saying her name, age, that she will be shipped to DR of Congo and that she's owned by Mr C.