Two Housewives Foot Worshiped In Bondage

A clip starring Faye Taylor, Honour May

Faye Taylor, Honour May in Two Housewives Foot Worshiped In Bondage

In this clip: ass, legs, feet, toes, bondage, peril, desperation, groping, brunette, foot worship, rejection, hogtie, passive/submissive, annoyed

Faye and Honour are laying clothed on their bed, dangling their shoes and doing some while chatting about their strange new neighbour. At some point they hear a noise, and they are suddenly attacked (implied)

The scene fades back in showing the two girls lying streched out on their bellies. They are gagged, and their ankles and wrists are tied up. They are naked and the rest of the clothes are spread all around.. We have a good view on their bare backs, legs and feet. The intruder appears and licks their feet and sucks Honour's toes, licking her soles while Faye stares powerlessly, terrified. After a few minutes, the scene fades out.

Scene fades back in showing the girls still tied up, but now they have also been hogtied. The intruder continues to have fun with their feet while the poor girls struggle helplessly in their restraints...