Cindy and the Foot Fetish Photographer

A clip starring Cindy

Cindy in Cindy and the Foot Fetish Photographer

In this clip: feet, toes, bondage, peril, blonde, foot worship, passive/submissive, annoyed

Model Cindy meets a creepy photographer; she is surprised that the studio look more than a normal house; anyway, she starts posing for him trying to get to the end of the shoot without arguing. She smiles seductively to the camera, she has a lot of energy; at some point the creep makes her saying him things like "you are my sunshine", etc. with the excuse of taking more spontaneous pictures. Then he asks to pose for bondage pictures. this freaks her out, as that was not in the plans and she doesn't trust him. But he points a at her and the scene fades out. The video fades back in showing her struggling in some tape bondage, on the bed. That's a real bondage situation, and he no longer takes pictures: instead, he gropes her legs and worships her feet, and there is little she can do except struggling like crazy in the bondage...