Sophia Smith's Bondage at Photo Shoot Pt1

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sophia Smith's Bondage at Photo Shoot Pt1

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, peril, willing, playful/giggling, brunette, tits, hogtie, naive

Sophia visits a photographer for an artistic nude photo shooting, just for fun. The scene starts with her already naked, posing for the photographer. Eventually, he asks, if Sophia wants to try some bondage style photos. She has never been tied up before, but kind of likes the idea. He ties her up, bit by bit, making her pose after each new rope. - Hands behind her back - Breast harness - Feet and knees tied, lying on the studio floor - Hogtie After a while, the phone rings. He asks her, if he could leave her for a moment, Sophia agrees. While he is gone, she curiously rolls around on the floor. She starts to talk to herself about her situation, how she is lying here all exposed and helpless. She wonders, what might happen, if anybody found her like this.