Sophia Smith's Bondage at Photo Shoot Pt4

A clip starring Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith in Sophia Smith's Bondage at Photo Shoot Pt4

In this clip: legs, feet, bondage, peril, willing, playful/giggling, brunette, tits, mouth, naive

The hogtie is released, Sophia is made to hop to a chair near a computer (feet and knees still tied). A rope keeps her tied feet to one of the chair legs, a second rope runs around her waist and the backrest and keeps the hands to the backrest. (it should be enough to keep her sitting on the chair without using her hands too much or getting up) . They view and discuss the photos with her (although Sophia can’t say much at first, still being gagged). The photographers playfully make up a scenario, in which they kidnap Sophia, putting her in a trunk and moving her to a secret location Sophia listens happily while struggling playfully. When she is finally ungagged, she laughs how much she likes the scenario. When the shop door bell rings again, the two photographers leave her alone in the room. Sophia gets a bit nervous, but still is in a playful mood. She struggles a bit and calls for them, not to leave her alone like this. One of the photographers returns and apologizes with a smile, packs her mouth again and cleave gags her. She rolls her eyes and mumbles something like “was that really necessary” After some struggling, one of her captors returns, unties her from her chair and orders her to hop “to the car”. Sophia is puzzled but does as told. The video fades out with her hopping out of the room. The end.