Sara Bondage Peril POV

A clip starring Sara

Sara in Sara Bondage Peril POV

In this clip: arms, bondage, desperation, lingerie/underwear, pain/torture, POV, domination, brunette, holding, tits, sexy/provocative, passive/submissive

Sara has been taken by some bad guys who want her to confess something. This clip is made of 3 parts, about 5 minutes each: - First Scene: Sara wearing only a pair of high heels and panties, her arms up and tied to a door. She's interrogated (pov) but she doesn't want to confess; - Second Scene: in the same outfit, her wrists tied behind her back. She's interrogated (pov) while Jack Bond holds her tight by the elbows; - Third Part: same outfit, arched and laid down on a table, her arms and legs tied to it. She is interrogated and tortured with a whip.