Lauren Bondage Spanking Assault

A clip starring Lauren Louise

Lauren Louise in Lauren Bondage Spanking Assault

In this clip: ass, bondage, peril, desperation, groping, young, leather/PVC, blonde, rejection, passive/submissive, spanking, annoyed, mouth

Lauren is at home; she puts on her leather jacket and tight black leather pants and then walks around the house, not knowing that there is a burglar inside her house.

Suddenly she gets handgagged and the burglar starts feeling up on Lauren’s leather body , turns her around and grabs and slaps her leather ass and thighs. and drags her into another room, onto a leather couch.

The burglar goes gets rope and grey duct tape and shows it to her. Then the burglar ties up Lauren: hands behind her back, ankles and thighs. Also he puts on a well applied sticky single piece of grey duct tape over Lauren’s mouth where the lip print shows.

Once Lauren is tied up there is some struggling to try and escape on a leather couch.

By the end of the video the sticky one piece of grey duct tape over Lauren’s mouth is removed slowly.