Bondage Tapegagged Footfuck Susy Blue

A clip starring Susy Blue

Susy Blue in Bondage Tapegagged Footfuck Susy Blue

In this clip: feet, bondage, peril, desperation, masturbation, groping, footjob, young, casual/ordinary, POV, Fixed camera, brunette, foot worship, tits, choking

Susy has been kidnapped. She wakes up on a bed, hands tied behind her back, ankles tied together and gagged with grey duct tape. She is wearing jeans a t-shirt and short socks. The creep returns and pulls her to her knees. He holds her from behind, feeling up her shirt and down her pants, while kissing her neck. He lays her on her back. Then he removes her socks and kisses her feet. He pulls out his dick and makes her hold up her feet for him while he jerks off to them. He tapes her nose shut and gives himself a footjob while she looks up at him and struggles to breathe. After he finishes (simulated), he gets on top of her and strokes her face.