Samantha the Busty Trophy Wife

A clip starring Samantha Alexandra

Samantha Alexandra in Samantha the Busty Trophy Wife

In this clip: dirty talk, night/deshabille, tease, POV, playful/giggling, blonde, big tits, tits, sensual

She starts out dressed in something sexy, no bra, saying how she wishes I were there, how she'd like for me to take her out dressed like she is, even if she is scandalously barely covered at all. She could talk about other things she might wear, without a bra, while going out with me to a restaurant or bar, all while she strokes herself, and poses and touches herself. How she knows she'd be embarrassed but she'd do it for me so I could show her off, so other guys would be crazy envious of me. Then, after a short while, she should take her clothes off and caress herself while she says how she wishes I was there to touch her and squeeze her. She wishes I was there to kiss her and caress her breasts. How she'd love for me to suck on her nipples for a long long time, bite and chew on them gently. How she wishes she could sit on my hard cock while I squeeze her tits, twist her nipples, pinch and suck on them. How she'd like to smother me with them while we both reach orgasms. Lots of closeup shots of her breasts and nipples and lots of her touching and twisting her nipples and squeezing her breasts together.