The Boot Lovers Couple - Honour May #2

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in The Boot Lovers Couple - Honour May #2

In this clip: legs, masturbation, dirty talk, tease, POV, horny, striptease, sensual, JOI, spreads

(0 - 1 minute) A fully dressed Honour tells me she enjoyed herself so much when we met (and could tell I did too) that she wants to make me this video as a little memento of the occasion. She tells me to grab a glass of Rosé, sit back and relax while she goes off to get ready - and to remember that I said I'd do anything she says. (1 - 4) Honour walks back into shot fully naked, saying she thought she'd save time and skip straight to the good stuff. She picks up her riding boots and slowly puts them on talking about them and stroking them (and herself) as she does so. (4 - 6) Knowing I'll have my own boots nearby, she asks me to put them on, before making me walk up and down in them - and attempt a 'slut drop'. That'll teach me to agree to do anything she tells me to. (6 - 10) A stern Honour decides she doesn't like being 'outbooted', so she picks up her leather Michael Kors boots. She kisses them, strokes them, rubs them over her body and talks about them - then swaps her riding boots with them. (10 - 17) As she is not able to do it for me, Honour wants us to masturbate in our boots together. A mixture of joi and general dirty talking as Honour brings herself off using fingers. She also puts her hand in her riding boots and rubs the toe against her pussy. (17 - 19) Honour wants us to come together, and she sits on the edge of the sofa, legs spread and brings herself to climax as she talks me through bringing myself off. (19 - 20) Honour basks in a post-orgasmic glow for a while. She can't wait until next time we meet and enjoy our love of boots together again.