NBM Heads in Boxes - Lauren and Jane

A clip starring Lauren Louise, Jane

Lauren Louise, Jane in NBM Heads in Boxes - Lauren and Jane

In this clip: neck, fun, silly, young, lingerie/underwear, playful/giggling, blonde, brunette, magic

Lauren and Jane have chosen to give their still living heads to a mysterious collector that collects heads of beautiful and exotic women for his gallery. First Lauren takes her turn at the block, Jane helps Lauren drape her beautiful brunette hair over the block. Lauren shows off her beautiful head on the block, rolling from side to side as she wonders how it will feel to tumble into the box. The axe drops and then we go to a shot of her living head in the box, blinking but unable to speak. She smiles, blows kisses, makes goofy surprised faces, sticks her tongue out etc. Then Jane takes her turn at the block and follows the same steps. In the end we see the two heads in the boxes smiling and making silly faces at the camera.