Busty Girl Lesbian Domination

A clip starring Eryn Rose, Kay

Eryn Rose, Kay in Busty Girl Lesbian Domination

In this clip: neck, ass, legs, trance/hypnosis, kissing, groping, young, schoolgirl, domination, horny, brunette, chubby, big tits, smothering, rejection, tits, lesbian, passive/submissive, sensual, spanking, gagging, ENF, choking, flashing, dominant/leading, rubbing, mouth, age play, moaning, dazed

A young schoolgirl comes into a school classroom from gym sucking her thumb. Eryn, her dominant headgirl, has called her in for detention. She talks to Kayleth telling her why she's here while Kayleth sucks shyly on her thumb.
After a quick lecture Erin takes her blazer off and deeply kisses Kayleth who is stunned. She makes her sit on the sofa and tries a few times to seduce her but Kayleth doesn't want to. She carries on sucking her thumb which annoys Eryn.
She decides to punish her. She grabs and fondles Kayleth squashing her breasts She then makes Kayleth go over her knee for a sensuous spanking.
Erin slowly and sensuously smacks her bottom (over the panties). Kayleth somehow begins getting dazed by the spanking. Erin starts calling her a naughty girl and a slut and Kayleth can only grunt. The whispering, sucking and spanking is making Kayleth even more submissive.
Eryn grabs her by the hair and throat and whispers in her ear what a bad girl she is etc.

Finally Eryn orders her to crawl over to her desk – slowly with her breasts hanging. Kayleth slowly sits up when Eryn is finished looking at her on all fours and starts studying with her legs very high crossed and showing lots of lower thigh. Eryn stands behind Kayleth leaning over her pretending to be interested in her work – pressing her body against Kayleth’s. She starts handsmothering, kissing and squashing her breasts. Every so often she whispers things like how she's a naughty girl and needs punished. Eryn's voice in her ear sends a shiver through Kayleth and she unleashes a breathy moan (she likes it but is horrified). She keeps sucking her thumb and moaning.
Kayleth, starts getting turned on and reluctantly starts squeezing and rubbing her crossed thighs tightly together (grunting and moaning gently – slowly making herself cum) all the while Eryn’s hand is clamped over her mouth making her breaths loud and moany. Her other hand is kneading Kayleth's breasts through the tight t-shirt.
Eryn keeps whispering - Kayleth moans again and rubs her legs faster. Kayleth tries to resist but keeps getting turned on and seduced by Eryn's whispering.
Once Kayleth is under Eryn whispers constantly knowing she's in her power. Eryn removes her t-shirt sucking and groping her breasts. Eryn kisses and mauls her breasts from behind rubbing herself against the poor girl. Kayleth helplessly groaning and rubbing her thighs is whimpering.