Nyxon Mesmerizes Candle Boxxx into Robot After Discovering Affair

A clip starring Nyxon

Nyxon in Nyxon Mesmerizes Candle Boxxx into Robot After Discovering Affair

In this clip: feet, trance/hypnosis, mental domination, freeze/robot, domination, humiliation, blonde, brunette, foot worship, blackmail, sexy/provocative, lesbian, passive/submissive, magic, interrogation, dominant/leading, cuckhold/cheating

Nyxon fell in love with a guy she met during a holiday with Candle Boxxx. One day she is talking about it to her friend Candle, who seems to be a bit uncomfortable. At some point she receives a phone call and tries to cut it short; Nyxon starts asking who was calling, as she seemed to recognize the voice of her beloved man but doesn't want to believe it. However, the fact that Candle looks so uncomfortable makes her decide to investigate. She steps out for a moment and grabs a rag soaked with some magic fluid. Once she gets back in the room, she forces it onto Candle's face, who soon succumbs into a mesmerized state having her eyes fixed forward, her mind drained, and she is turned into a robot who can only tell the truth and do whatever Nyxon wants. Nyxon asks her to tell her the truth, and it's a sad story: without any emotion, robot Candle tells her that she has been having an affair with the guy since they met, and they were basically making fun of her all the time. Nyxon gets very upset, but also wants her revenge: she orders Candle to kneel on the floor and begin kissing her feet. As she does so, she takes several snaps with her phone ans spreads them over all social networks to humiliate her ex-friend, who continues kissing and licking like a robot just executing orders. Later on Nyxon wakes Candle up, who doesn't remember anything and has no idea that she is now fully compromised, although she has a strange taste of feet in her mouth...