Shay Hendrix And The Careless Headsman

A clip starring Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix in Shay Hendrix And The Careless Headsman

In this clip: legs, feet, punishment, rejection, annoyed

Shay is going to be executed by guillotine. She is lead in but the headsman seems to be quite distracted, lost in his world. He doesn't care much that the person with him is going to lose her head. Shay gets arranged in position and strapped to the guillotine; she complains about his attitude but he seems to ignore her, or he complains as well about these victims who are too demanding. At some point his phone rings and Shay can't believe that he answers; he starts to have a conversation while Shay is left there on the guillotine, commenting loudly about his lack of professionalism, almost trying to talk to the person on the other side of the phone. Annoyed, the headsman even makes fun of her, describing her to the person he's talking with, as a girl covered in tattoos, with some strange blue hair, and maybe he will take some pictures of her to show her later. Shocked, Shay can't believe her ears and keeps protesting, especially when it turns out that the headsman is talking to his girlfriend! He doesn't even listen to Shay's complaints: but, as soon as he closes the call, he unexpectedly releases her.