Mature Auntie Roxana Catches You Watching Porn

A clip starring Roxana

Roxana in Mature Auntie Roxana Catches You Watching Porn

In this clip: dirty talk, mature/older, tease, family affairs, POV, blonde, tits, sensual, flashing, rubbing, details/closeups

You're alone, wanking at some pictures of Lorna Morgan on your laptop when mature auntie Roxana comes in and catches you. You're really embarrassed, but instead of getting shocked she sits next to you and starts having a look at this babe Lorna Morgan. She can understand you wanking at her, she's hot, and she can understand wanking at all, as she's been young too! At some point she starts to compete with Lorna, taker her tits out and starts to compare them by showing them to you and asking what do you think... You didn't know your auntie was that naughty!