Cheating Schoolgirl JOI - Lucy Lauren

A clip starring Lucy Lauren

Lucy Lauren in Cheating Schoolgirl JOI - Lucy Lauren

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Lucy is in my office after being caught cheating in her exam. She apologises and then says that she knows what a dirty pervert I am after our last session, and surely she can get away with it if we have a wanking session together. She tells me to get my cock out and start wanking for her as she makes wanking gestures. As she does this she pulls her skirt up and panties to one side and starts fingering her pussy. As she fingers her pussy and calls me a dirty wanker, Lucy admits that she was so turned on by our last session that she couldn't stop thinking about it. She starts to slowly strip out of the uniform (apart from the tie) and reveals her perky tits. She plays with her nipples with one hand while fingering her pussy with the other. Lucy decides that she needs something bigger and thicker in her pussy than her fingers and gets her toy. She carries on talking dirty to me while she fucks her pussy, changing her positions as she does. As she comes she begs me to empty my balls all over her tits. Then at the end she turns to show me her pussy and tells me to get hard again, because she'll let me fuck her over the desk if I'll give her top marks for the exam.