Lesbian Choking Experience - Chloe Toy and Brook Logan

A clip starring Brook Logan, Chloe Toy

Brook Logan, Chloe Toy in Lesbian Choking Experience - Chloe Toy and Brook Logan

In this clip: neck, young, domination, playful/giggling, horny, lesbian, strength, sensual, choking

It is a nice day & Chloe is home relaxing after a long exhausting week of working hectic hours. With her smooth, shinny pink nails; Chloe starts massaging her aching neck to help relieve tension... Her soft hands feel good on her neck... Chloe massages her neck for several seconds before she hers a knock on the bedroom door. To her surprise, it is her friend Brooke. Brooke is wearing smooth white nails & a cute outfit... Chloe invites Brooke in & the 2 girls sit down & exchange their summer memories... Brooke asks Chloe: How have you been today? Chloe tells Brooke, "I am good, sitting here massaging my sore neck, trying to relieve tension"... Brooke tells Chloe: "you know what, I also know something else that helps relieve tension? What is that Chloe asks Brooke??? Holding a woman's neck & choking her with passion... Chloe is excited about this news & tells Brooke: "Wow, I was just thinking about how good that would feel to have a woman squeeze my neck.. Have you had much experience at choking women? Brooke tells Chloe: "I sure have, let me see your neck." Chloe lifts her chin & exposes her soft, warm throat.. Brooke licks Chloe's neck for few seconds & says: "you do have such a delicate neck, hold still while I wrap my hands around it... Brooke grips Chloe's neck tight & says: "this is how you choke a woman"... I can feel your warm neck in my hands." Brooke chokes Chloe for 2 minutes. Chloe gulps while being choked. After 2 minutes. Brooke kisses Chloe's neck again & says: "how did that feel"? Chloe says: "felt good, you are right, you have had experience... Chloe rubs her neck for a few seconds before Brooke continues to choke Chloe... Chloe grabs hold of both of Brooke's hands & puts them on her neck again, this time holding both hands while being choked by Brooke for another 2 minutes... Brooke, your hands are soft & gentle, I enjoy you choking me.. After choking Chloe for 2 minutes, Brooke decides to sit on top of Chloe this time.. Brooke tells Chloe: "I want you to lay on your back & put your head on the pillow, I am going to choke you laying down this time... Chloe re-positions herself onto the pillow & gets comfortable.... Chloe throws her hands back & is enjoying being choked by Brooke. After choking Chloe for 2 minutes, Chloe confesses something to Brooke.. Brooke, I know you enjoy choking & I must admit this to you. I also enjoy choking women & would very much like to wring your neck & choke you with passion... Brooke's eyes light up as she can not believe her friend also enjoys choking.. Sure sweety, go right ahead. Brooke & Chloe switch places & Brooke lays down on the bed while Chloe gets on top.... Chloe asks Brooke if she is comfortable enough.. Brooke tells Chloe: "I am very comfortable, let me see your hands... Brooke kisses Chloe's soft hands & puts them around her neck. Chloe can feel how warm & soft Brooke's neck is. Chloe tightens her grip harder & as Chloe is choking Brooke, Brooke begins to gag & gulp a few times. Chloe chokes Brooke for 2 minutes... Chloe lets Brooke get up & decides to have Brooke turn around. Brooke, I am going to choke you from behind now"... Brooke ties her hair back & exposes her soft neck for Chloe.... Chloe has such a good grip that she starts off by massaging Brooke's neck... Brooke tells Chloe: "your hands feel so good on my throat, squeeze harder..." Chloe chokes Brooke harder for 2 minutes & then has Brooke turn around... After 2 minutes; both Brooke & Chloe choke each other for 1 minute.. After 1 minute, both Brooke & Chloe rub their own neck as they take deep breaths.. Chloe tells Brooke to lay on her stomach this time... Chloe gets on top of Brooke & begins massaging / choking Brooke's neck for 1 minute... After 1 minute, Brooke switches position & Brooke tells Chloe: "let's choke each other at same time, give me your hands....'' Brooke moves Chloe's hands to her neck & both ladies begin squeezing... Both girls gulp at same time & they enjoy the passion each one is experiencing from being choked... Choking goes for 2 minutes while sitting up..... Both Chloe & Brooke love caressing each others necks.... Brooke has Chloe lay on her stomach this time.... Brooke decides to start off with a slow neck / shoulder massage for 1 minute; then switches to a hard choking method... Chloe is completely taken by this experience & begins holding onto Brooke's hands... After 1 to 2 minutes of massaging & choking; both Chloe & Brooke agree that this whole experience has been an amazing one. Both girls will get together again soon to have another "choking experience"....