Lucy Lauren – Horny Kinky Shy Mom Belt Choking Masturbation

A clip starring Lucy Lauren

Lucy Lauren in Lucy Lauren – Horny Kinky Shy Mom Belt Choking Masturbation

In this clip: neck, genitals, willing, masturbation, lingerie/underwear, nylon/stockings, horny, blonde, tits, stripping, spreads, choking, naive, moaning

Lucy had dropped off her kid at school and got home to relax. She lay on the bed. She called her friend to arrange coffee later in the day, before picking up the kids. She told her friend about one of the dads at the school. She noticed him and she thinks he noticed her. Her friend told her to try and meet him and have some fun. But, Lucy said no! She was married and too shy to do anything like that. She told her friend she would take care of her needs herself. Right now in fact. They laughed and she hang up. Lucy was shy to the outside world. Even with her husband.
But, on her own, she that was different. Only her friend knew.

She lay back on the bed and started to feel herself as she thought about the guy at school. She slowly peeled off her clothes, caressing her breasts and moving her fingers to her pussy. She started to work her pussy, masturbating, thinking about the guy. But, she could not make herself cum. She reached and took a belt. This always made her cum! She wrapped the belt around her neck and pulled, working her fingers in her pussy. As she pulled and her air supply started to drain, her body started to climax and she shuddered in an orgasm just as she passed out.