Lesbian Choking Games - Faye Taylor and Honour May

A clip starring Faye Taylor, Honour May

Faye Taylor, Honour May in Lesbian Choking Games - Faye Taylor and Honour May

In this clip: neck, domination, playful/giggling, horny, brunette, lesbian, strength, sensual, choking

It is nice day and Honour May has been enjoying her well deserved time off. She admires how soft and strong her hands are. She starts massaging them with a little bit of lotion. She grips both hands tight together and squeezes. After a few seconds, Honour May starts to have an idea. She looks at her smooth, sexy hands. “My hands are so soft; I would love to practice my technique with Faye”. She squeezes both hands together into a tight grip. “My hands are perfect for choking”. Honour May says. Honour May picks up her phone and starts dialing Faye, who tells her she will be over in just a few minutes. Honour May is excited. There is a knock at the bedroom door. Honour May gets up, answers the door. After some hugs and small talk, Faye tells Honour “You know what, I can’t help but notice how sexy your hands and neck are”. You know what I would love”? “What is that”? Honour May asks!!! Faye says: “How wonderful it would it be for your hands to be on my neck”. Honour shows Faye just how soft her hands are. Honour lets Faye hold her hands. “Wow, your hands are soft”. Faye says. Honour admits to Faye that she enjoys choking and would like to share it with her. Facing each other, both ladies get comfortable and Honour starts off by kissing Faye’s hands. Honour tells Faye: “Your hands are soft too; may I touch your neck”? Faye says: “Sure”… Honour puts both hands on Faye’s neck. “Your neck is so soft and delicate”. Honour squeezes Faye’s neck for 3 minutes. After that Faye says: “I enjoy your hands on my neck”. She then asks: “Would you like to choke me laying down?” Honour says: “Sure, I want you to be as comfortable as possible”. Faye gets comfortable while Honour gets on top. With her neck exposed a little; Faye stretches her body. Honour tells Faye: “Close your eyes, I want you relaxed”. For 2 minutes, Honour starts off with just a gentle neck massage back and forth before she decides to squeeze a little tighter. Faye grabs hold of Honour’s arms tightly, not letting go… Faye can’t believe this wonderful experience. Honour lets Faye catch her breath for a few seconds. Honour asks: “How does that feel”? Faye admits that she has always wanted to share this experience with Honour. All of a sudden, Faye has an idea. Faye has something to share with Honour also; she also enjoys choking and has wanted to share her choking passion with Honour May. She tells Honour: “My hands would fit perfectly around your neck, may I choke you from behind”? Honour likes the idea. Honour sits up straight ties her hair back. Faye gets behind Honour and grabs her soft, warm neck for 1 minute, then lets Honour catch her breath. Faye has such a tight, good grip. Faye proceeds to choke Honour again for another 1 minute, but this time Faye has Honour turn around facing Faye. Honour starts gasping and gulping. Honour loves the sensation of being choked. After that, Honour has an idea. “I was thinking, what if I lay on my stomach and you get on top of me choke me while I am laying down”? Faye likes the idea and repositions herself. Both ladies get comfortable. Honour stretches out while Faye starts massaging Honour’s neck gently for a few seconds. Faye then squeezes Honour’s neck harder. This time choking Honour for 2 minutes non stop. Honour starts gasping and gulping as she is enjoying this wonderful passion. After that both Honour and Faye start rubbing their own necks. Feeling how warm they are. They both agree that this experience has been a memorable one they will always cherish. They will definitely get together again soon for another passionate choking session!