Coco Monster Fucking Surprise

A clip starring

 in Coco Monster Fucking Surprise

In this clip: genitals, legs, peril, sleeping/limp, desperation, fighting, groping, fucking, domination, brunette, rejection, tits, passive/submissive

Coco is relaxing in a robe after a shower when a monsters breaks in trying to get her. They engage in a struggle at the end of which the poor scared girl faints in his arms. The monster carries the limp body onto the bed, admires the naked form and starts groping the girl. He goes on top of her and begins fucking her (simulated). Coco's limp body bounces at every stroke, and the monster goes on for some time, until she begins waking up. He doesn't stop, he continues to fuck her. The video goes on for a while, showing scared Coco being fucked by the monster in various positions. She is visibly scared and feeling him, but she doesn't struggle too much as she accepted her fate and reluctantly lets him fuck her. When he finally leaves, Coco remains on the bed, scared and crying.