Real Lesbians Making Out In Flipped Shirt Collar Play

A clip starring Electric, Rascal

Electric, Rascal in Real Lesbians Making Out In Flipped Shirt Collar Play

In this clip: neck, kissing, secretary/business, clothes, playful/giggling, horny, brunette, lesbian, sensual

Please note Electric and Rascal are two real lesbians, married together in real life

Two ladies are trying a new look with men's dress shirts. One of them gets the idea to wear the collar up. She walks behind her friend and pops her collar, which leads her friend to walk behind her and pop her collar as well. Scenario: In the video, start with the collars down, pulled out, and flattened on the shoulders. Flip up each others collar from behind. Then put your shirts in the pulled back look, which is my favorite. (The pulled-back look is accomplished by reaching behind the shirt and pulling on the bottom of it.) Keep making sure your collars are up and positioned right. Keep the shirts in the pulled-back position for part of the time. Flip each other’s collars up and down several times throughout the video. Play with each other’s shirt collars, making sure they are all the way up, and slowly caress them, like you like how the material feels. You can make out a little while doing this if you want. Then walk around behind each other and kiss the back of each other’s necks while leaving the collars up, and move the collars out of the way of the neck while repeatingly kissing the neck while keeping one hand on the collar, and putting the collar back when you are done, always leaving the collars up. Towards the end of the video, you return your collars to the flattened position. End the video with both of you popping your collars and deciding to wear them that way for a while.