Prisoner Student Lola POV Handjob and Orgasm Denial on Guard

A clip starring Lola Rae

Lola Rae in Prisoner Student Lola POV Handjob and Orgasm Denial on Guard

In this clip: hands, surreal, willing, dirty talk, handjob, young, denial, POV, humiliation, horny, brunette, rejection, sensual

Lola was part of a subversive group of students in WW2 era. She is facing execution by guillotine and gets pushed into the room where the POV headsman is waiting. She starts some random talk in order to start a conversation with him. She confesses that the humiliation of losing head and getting executed turned her on. They are alone now, and she has nothing to lose anymore, so it's time to forget about inhibitions or she'll be missing out. She wants to hold a dick, please it, Who cares at this point, let her be the slut she wants, as her last wish... She begs him to remove the cuffs... Now on her knees, she grabs his dick and starts giving a POV handjob, while naughtily talking about her fate, losing head, things he may do with her cute body, and so on. being very naughty, teasing, keeping wanking the cock. He is about to cum. Suddenly, her beautiful naughty smile changes into a disgusted, cold expression. She stops and takes her hand off. Her plan is clear now: she never meant to please the executioner, she considers him just a dirty pervert. As long as she has her head, she will never willingly give him an orgasm, so she demands to be executed, leaving him humiliated and dissatisfied, hoping his balls will ache for long.