ENF Cop Humiliation - Carley

A clip starring Carley Elle

Carley Elle in ENF Cop Humiliation - Carley

In this clip: ass, legs, embarrassment, desperation, POV, clothes, humiliation, playful/giggling, blonde, blackmail, tits, striptease, stripping, uniforms, ENF

Policewoman Carley breaks into a room where a loud party is going on; she tells the girls that they have to stop and follow her, but looks like the girls don't take her seriously (note: the girls are pure imagination, not actually in the video, as the clip is shot from their point of view). Instead of following her, looks like policewoman Carley gets devalued and asked to join the party and strip naked. Confused, Carley gets thrown in and totally stripped naked (off-camera). At this point she's naked, and it's like she's being photographed and filmed while being the focus of the party. Embarrassed, she dances and tries to second them for some time, then begs to have her uniform back and leave... But instead she's pushed out naked, so everyone can see policewoman Carley naked getting back home!